Elementor #1172

One of my first voice over’s was for a tourism video for Newquay, Cornwall more than 15 years ago. 

In the time since I walked into Deep Blue Sound studios in Plymouth back in the naughties with the engineer and director on the other side of the glass, things have changed. The world is suddenly a lot smaller – seamless channels for global communication have opened up and it’s become a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape.  We can have a live recording session with a client thousands of miles away and it feels as if they’re sat in the room next to us.

Today it’s pretty much the expectation that voice over artists have their own studio for home recording.  Because of that, alongside being the voice talent, we’re often the director, producer and engineer in our work too.

The instant nature of the business makes it exciting and accessible and the benefits are manifold; but with the majority of work (in my experience) being produced remotely there is that common thread; we are both the pilot and crew. Because of this, there’s an implicit need for a community that gets us and that tempts us out of our studios (however cosy they are) and into the light, as it were.

That brings me to One Voice Conference, which I attended last weekend. It was my first experience of going to a voice over conference and although I’ve worked at many conferences over the years, I think this was actually my maiden voyage as a delegate. 

I was met with a place to share insights with other voice artists about the industry; a place to hear from a carefully thought out range of experts in a supportive learning environment. What’s struck me the most and what I’ll take with me is the openness and generosity of our community to share.  I came away having learned, been inspired and feeling ready for the next voice over challenge… grateful to the team at One Voice and safe in the knowledge that in 2020 we’ll be back there, to share, listen and to celebrate our industry which without events like this, could feel disconnected.

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